About us.

Vieler International was found in 1913 and is today, with over 150 employees
and three production facilities one of the worldwide leading companies for the
supply of hardware for display cases, systems and shop fitting equipment.
ead in third generation Vieler develops, produced and sells display case
hardware and shop fitting systems mainly out of aluminum and stainless steel.

The display case hardware is used for bakery cases, meat cases or refrigerated
cases and hot food cases for super markets. On display cases glasses are moved
with lift-up hardware, tilt-forward hardware and individual hardware for loading
the cases and cleaning the glasses. Already during development stage we pay
close attention to design, functionality and quick and easy assembly.

For shop fittings we offer a wide range of products as salad bar, bread gratings,
self-service shelf, door hinges, glass brackets, price tag rails, glass clamp profiles
and edge protection profiles.

Furthermore Vieler International offers a wide range for profile systems out of
aluminum and custom-made aluminum profiles which are offered as extruded 
profiles as well as custom-made profiles. Vieler International ‘s an own anodizing
line grants a perfect surface.